Healing Quartz Crystal Stone Necklace


Healing power in a jewelry with quartz crystals.

Crystals has been used for ages to heal ailments and generally provide good vibes. Like essential oils, crystals have a variety of uses and applications, ranging from insomnia treatment to pain relief. Some stones and crystals are said to align with our chakras and heal maladies in the associated areas of our bodies. Some can increase energy or bust a bad mood. Each type of stone gives off its own unique form of subtle energy. The particular energy given off by a stone is determined by its internal crystalline structure, and by the atomic vibrations that are specific to that structure.

Here is some members of the Quartz Crystal Clan and what they can do for you:

Clear Quartz- Help relieve stress and frustration and eases anxiety

Rose Quartz- Epitomizes the vibration of love and strengthening the heart on all levels

Amethyst- Helps relieve headaches and fatigue, also promotes good dreams and great skin

Onyx- Cleanse  the air and rids your home of negative energy.

Blue Aragonite- Calming meditation crystal, excellent for removing stress and anxiety

Lapis Lazuli- Support the immune system and is a touted ancient migraine remedy

Topaz- Works to balance hormones and combat aging

Turqouice- Strengthing stone, good for exhaustion, depression and panic attacks

Howlite- Relieves insomnia, Balances calcium levels and strengthens teeth and bones

Simply keeping crystals in your environment can do the trick, but wearing them or place them on your body will harness their healing powers even more.

Every stone comes in two differents chains- gold or silver.

*Choose your stone- and chain color in the drop down menu.

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